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Cheap web design in WordPress

I create Web pages cheap in WordPress

I can make at home page cheap for associations, clubs and businesses. I have a master's degree in computer science, working as a project manager in the IT and doing web design as a freelancer. See my featured Web projects. I create a design especially for you and set up the website so you can easily publish content themselves by logging into the page.

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Responsive designWeb design for PC, Network Board and mobile

There is a strong trend in the use of the Internet from the PC over to the Board and especially smart mobile. I grieve for responsive web design so that the home pages can be read from all kinds of devices.

WordPress – the world's most widely used publishing platform for cheap web design.

Billig webdesign i WordPress - utstillingsvindeu

I base the home pages on WordPress – World's most popular publishing tools for smaller sites. It is used in over 100 million websites and over increasing by 200 000 per. day. See eksemler here. The distinction between appearance and content. When the look is designed, you can write content without thinking about the design. It is easily done on the site of the business itself as a word-processing tools. The articles are stored in a database and there can be multiple users who write. I install WordPress, Extensions and database system (MySQL) on a web space.

You can create as many pages and articles you want with wordPress. The only limitation is space on the web site you choose.

I assist with cheap web design in WordPress by

  1. Order web hosting, ie. rental of computer where web pages are added, and domain name (
  2. Arrange all the technical installation of the software, setup of the site and possibly. transfer of the domain.
  3. Create a design especially designed for business.
  4. Gjennomgår virksomhetens needs and objectives of your event Funds
  5. Proposes the structure and development of websites
  6. Assistance to the authors and editor

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Graphic web design in WordPress

I can create a design specially designed for you, preview Wordpress Themes I have made. I can also use a design which others have made. In WordPress there are over 1200 ready-made templates or themes that define the look of the home page. If your pages must be in Norwegian, it must be translatable. Click here to see the selection of themes and select the check box for translation-ready.

Functionality in the cheap web design with WordPress

WordPress comes with basic functionality for web publishing. Pages can be set up as permanent pages or post where the most recent on top, f. eg. News. In addition, there are over 13 000 add-ons that extend the functionality. There is everything from slide shows and video viewing to Events Calendar and E-commerce. Everything is free.

A typical the Installation has the following programs:

  • WordPress – publishing tools. Here you write the articles directly on the Web, organize and publish the and. Ability for user comments.
  • Kontaktskjema to correspondence with captcha code. Avoid posting your email addresses as SPAM-bots can be found.
  • Login Function for editors etc.
  • Facebook like button. Also allows the user to add a link to pages on his Facebook page.
  • Social Buttons Twitter and others allow users to tell others about the pages.
  • E-mail subscription – allowing users to subscribe to e-mail notification of new articles.
  • Søkemotoroptimalisering – Ensures that the pages are searchable and higher on the charts in Google and other search engines.
  • Google Sitemaps – Make it easier for robots to navigate through the pages and discover the changes since the last.
  • Google Analytics – send statistical data to Google Analytics which provides statistics on the number of visitors, page views per. days etc.
  • SPAM filter for søplekommentarer.

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The content you have to write themselves, but I can help with the structure so that it becomes easy for people to find the. It is important that the content is interesting for users to visit the website.


To see how many people visit the pages and how often each page is displayed, one can use an analysis tool like Google Analytics. It's free and I can set up home pages so that they provide statistical basis for Google Analytics.

Web hosting

You must have a Web hosting, home pages. Web hosting is provided by a number of suppliers. I'm basing myself on the cPanel control panel and WordPress publishing tools and it is more suppliers who has this. Although I have chosen PRO ISP that is all very well rimlige. Prices from kr. 10 per. mo. eg. VAT for 1 Gbyte disk space and unlimited traffic. It keeps for most. See prices their websites.

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