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Here are some free Wordpress themes designed by Ulfsby Webdesign. Download and use free under the same license as WordPress (GPL), but please keep the link to this site in the footer. Each theme is translation ready and is localized for norwegian, swedish, danish, english, german, spanish, french, italian and russian.

Widget for sidebar vertical menu is included. Customizable footer. 10 widget areas, 5 ad fields, more than 40 parameters for customization.
Header image can be changed by replacing the file header.jpg

Supports all major browsers including mobile browsers.

Compatible with WordPress 3.0 and up.

See instructions for installation and translation at the end of this page.

Click sceenshots below to view full size. Click again to close.

If you like some changes in a theme or a new cusomized theme, do not hesitate to Contact me

Blue Ribbon

A blue theme with pagewide header. Flexible width (800-1200 pixels). Fits small and large screens.

[download id=”11″]


A grey and red theme with a blured image of a city. Flixed width 1000 pixels. Two columns (right sidebar).

[download id=”10″]


A clean black and white theme. Flexible width 700-1200 pixels that fits small and large screens. Two columns (right sidebar).

[download id=”9″]


Pizarro is the spanish conquistador who conquered the Inka emperor Atahualpa in 1532. A simple black and white theme. Flexible width 700-1200 pixels. Fits small and large screens.

[download id=”8″]


Silver blue theme. Flexible width 800-1200 pixel. Fits small and large screens.

[download id=”3″]

Red Line Fluid

White theme with a full page width red menue line . Flexible width 800-1200 pixel. Fits small and large screens.

[download id=”4″ format=”1″]

Earth from Moon

A dark design with header image taken from moon by the NASA Apollo 11 crew in 1969. Fixed width 1000 pixles.

[download id=”5″]

Green Gras

A pure green theme with image from Sognsvann lake gras. Fixed width 1000 pixles.

[download id=”1″]


A soft design in red only. Fixed width 1000 pixles.

[download id=”6″]

Scandinavian Archipelago

A pure blue design with header image from scandinavan archipelago. Fixed width 1000 pixles.

[download id=”2″]

Red and Gray

A light design in red and gray on white background and page width header image of evening sky. Fixed width 1000 pixles.

[download id=”7″]

Installation and translation

To install theme:

  1. Download the theme to your PC (unzip is not necessary)
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel and select Add new theme
  3. On the Install theme page, select Upload theme and upload the theme from your PC. It will now apear in the Install theme page.
  4. Click Activate theme
  5. Under Appearance menu there will be a new item “Theme settings”.
  6. Under Widgets there will be a new widget Vertical menu. Drag it to a sidebar if you like.
  7. The theme has some default sidebar widgets, but you can change sidebars by dragging widgets to them. The defaults will then disappear.

If you install the same theme again, you must either delete the old version from your site first or change the name of the theme folder (unzip, rename, zip).

To change the header image:

The header image can be changed by replacing the image file “header.jpg” in the “image” folder in the theme folder. The image size must be the same.

  1. Unzip the downloaded theme
  2. Make a copy of the theme folder with a new name
  3. In the folder “images” replace the file “header.jpg” with another with the same name. The image size must be the same.
  4. Zip the new theme folder
  5. Install theme following the instructions above.

To translate theme:

The language files included in the themes are (in alphabetic order) (not all of them are complete, but the frontside texts shoud be):

Danish – Dansk (da_DK)
French – Français (fr_FR)
German – Deutsch (de_DE)
Italian (it_IT)
Norwegian bokmål (nb_NO)
Norwegian nynorsk (nn_NO)
Russian — (ru_RU)
Spanish – Español (es_ES)
Swedish – Svenska (sv_SE)

If you are not using any of the included languages, translation can be done with the WordPress plugin “CodeStyling Localization”. It usese Google translater to do this partly automaticaly.

  1. Install the plugin “CodeStyling Localization” that you find from your WordPress admin panel Intall Plugin by searching the plugin name.
  2. Go to Tools – Localization. The Manage Language Files page opens.
  3. Find your theme in the list and select Add new language.
  4. Select your language in the list.
  5. Select rescan on your language. A language file (.po-file) is generated with all the english strings.
  6. Select edit to translate. Each string must be translated. Be aware of keeping the %s and other codes unchanges. They are used by WordPress to replace strings.
  7. Select Generate mo file. This generates a compiled language file (.mo-file) for your language on your site and it shuld now appear in your language.
  8. If you are using WordPress in english, you must change language in your wp-config.php file. See instruction on this WordPress page. This file is placed where you installed WordPress. The theme handels most of the outside strings of your site, but there will still be some english strings unless you install a WordPress language file in your language.

Support forum

The themes are designed with Artisteer. Se WordPress Support Forum for Artisteer themes.

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