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Webdesign with Artisteer 3.0

Ingenious application

ArtisteerArtisteer is a brilliant program for graphic design of websites. I use it for the design of most websites I set up. With Artisteer you can do graphic design without knowing anything about CSS or HTML. Artisteer generate theme or design template for a variety of publishing tools: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, DotNetNuke,, Code Charge Studio or just XHTML / CSS. Artisteer may propose a design for you by a randomized comparison of design elements. Mon scroll through the entries until you get one you like. Then you can change colors, Fonts, layout, background, header, menus etc.. It is very user friendly – I've never had to read the user manual. The user interface is the same pattern as MS Word 2007/2010 and you immediately see the changes you make. But one can not design anything with Artisteer – it sets no limits to what one can achieve.

Many news release 3.0, especially for WordPress designers.

It's made huge improvements in Artisteer 3.0 compared to previous versions. The graphic design capabilities are greatly expanded with many new layouts, fargepaletter etc.. You can also create designs with a floating width where the width adjusts to the width of the screen / window and page header wide. It also generates a far more advanced WordPress theme than previous versions with a variety of settings and the entire 10 widget areas and the possibility to add ad-codes for ads. WordPress theme comes in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. I have made a Norwegian translation that I use on my website. The page you are looking at now are designed with Artisteer 3.0.

Version 3.1 added emphasis on publishing in HTML

Version 3.1 came 30.11.2011. It has multiple layouts, and enhanced vertical menu, but the biggest improvements are to be published in HTML without using CMS. In my opinion makes it a bit in the wrong direction from being a purely design tools to be a simple publishing tool. There are small improvements in this version WordPress theme.

Try it yourself

You can download a free trial version at Artisteer its website. Full version is not free, but only costs a few hundred that are dramatically cheaper than f. eg. Adobe Dreamweaver that cost thousands of £. The price includes support and updates for one year. The support is very good.

3 Responses to Webdesign with Artisteer 3.0

  • Sitting and to create a wordpress blog and have made design completed in Artisteer but get an error message that the.

    The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/ritasrxp/public_html/abisdesign/wp-content/uploads/2011/10.

    The file is saved as a zip file and should be easy to load up but no. If you have any clue?? Flott om du kan svare på mail 🙂

  • Hi. I have a copy of the Artists that I have on my PC instalert. Wonder følgendene. It is possible and alter a templates man has already healed with Artisteer. I got even with a small Icon on the screen where everyone could edit an article from the front. This was not so good. Possibly this was that I was using a pirated version.

    May I purchase the program if I can undo on a template that I have already made in Atrister, or visit the.
    Do I have to start again if everything wasn't that I wanted.


    • Artisteer template you can save as a file, read it in again and continue working on the. It is possible that you have downloaded a free trial. With it, you cannot save.

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